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Handmade Originals & Fashion Jewelry
Living with art is easy. Finding just the right piece can be an arduous task. was created out of our desire to offer unique jewelry and contemporary craft products to individuals who appreciate fine arts craftsmanship.
aCleoni Jewelry
Jewelry with a signature look rests in the integration of handcrafted silver hinge work, silver castings, beads with an unusual spectrum of bezel set gemstones and an array of colorful mother of pearl inlay.
Anatoli Jewelry
Anatoli Jewelry
Dori Csengeri New Arrivals
Dori Csengeri is a world renowned designer of high end costume jewelry. Express yourself with our fine handmade fashion jewelry collections. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted for style and elegance.
Sara Blaine Fusion Jewelry
Sara Blaine Fusion jewelry is the perfect marriage between sterling silver and gemstones.
Sarah Cavender Metalworks Jewelry
arah Cavender specializes in metal mesh jewelry, belts and handbags. Each piece is hand-made to order by local artisans under Sarah's supervision in Oxford, Alabama, using materials made primarily in the USA with stones imported from Europe.
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Opal Diamonds Gem Quality Australian Opal Under Rose Cut Quartz Earth & Sky Collection Heaven & Earth Collection The butterfly Ensemble
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The New Integration Collection 2007 Integration Collection Champagne & Chocolate 2007 La Concha Collection Sea & Sky Collection
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Saffron Integration California Autumn The Classic Integration Collection The Scheherezade Collection Sculptured Geometry .33 Sculptured Geometry .34
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Wings of Desire Collection Afghan Lapis Lazuli Inlay into Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Inlay into Sterling Silver Moon River Collection Moonlight Collection 2007
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